Car Configurator – 3DCar Software Engineering Goals Disclosed

Nowadays, the usefulness of a vehicle configurator is well known: the configurator is an efficient tool used in the sales process and enables the customer in quicker picking his preferred configuration, leading him into the perfect dealers.

It's a significant contribution to the advertising policies of producers and traders worldwide. 3D car configurators are brand new and must be developed according to numerous quality rules. With the help of the latest technology you can communicate more with 3D.

The firm which develops 3DCar(TM) has given the author permission to make this information known, since he was the architect of their 3DCar thought and also because the people may benefit them and the car configurator.

The pursued software system technology Targets, when creating the 3D car configurator, were (and still are):

Simple and fast usage

(fast application loading, destination-based ergonomics criteria, the color changes, and 3D options are displayed very quickly )


(the preferred technology is reliable for all of the targeted platforms)

Maximize the interactivity of consumers with the Auto

(the customer establishes a strong bond with the automobile by directly exploring numerous features and acting on its interactive components )

Make itself accessible on several means of demonstration

(Web, CDs/DVDs, local PC application, touch-screens, sales place plasma displays, etc)

expandability, flexibility

This report reveals the aims pursued by the software engineering process of 3DCar(TM), among the oldest (likely the very first) completely interactive 3D configurators, an endeavor started in 2005, at a moment in time when even 2D vehicle configurators were rare.