How Messenger Bot Can Help Increase Customer Awareness Of A Business?

If you've been paying attention to the recent news about artificial intelligence, you might have heard about Facebook's new Facebook Chatbot. Many outlets are reporting that Facebook will be releasing a bot to compete with Twitter and Google Now, though it hasn't yet received a release date. Can a Facebook Messenger Bot really replace current messaging solutions? Will this not cause people to leave Facebook because of privacy concerns, or will it be more like Google Now, helping customers find information without being asked for it?

In short, a Messenger Bot is an artificially intelligent application that will respond to consumer questions sent to your company via direct message from a representative on Facebook. These bots, as shown in the video, aren't people, they are automated programs. Facebook is seeking to make Messenger Bot more accessible and easy to use, while still maintaining the company's ability to engage its users in conversation. You can imagine how many companies will jump on board with this bot project and create a huge impact on customer engagement.

Many businesses have used chat programs in the past, such as Vonage or Yahoo! 360, but those programs were limited in scope and used one-on-one marketing to generate leads. Facebook's new Messenger Bot will allow marketers to connect with their clientele by providing a more comprehensive way of using social media tools in their marketing campaigns.

Some experts think that Facebook is simply trying to position Facebook as an information company. That may indeed be true, though some of the information provided may be of a sales-style nature. The fact remains that Facebook has remained a powerhouse in the internet industry and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Bots will help Facebook provide more engaging ways for consumers to experience all of its products and services. There is little doubt that Facebook's artificial intelligence chat bot, Friend Bot, will garner a lot of attention and interest in the months and years ahead.

Some wonder whether the new program will be effective at increasing customer service. According to several experts, the answer is yes. Customer service is definitely something that customers want from businesses, and Messenger Bot will certainly help Facebook meet that need. Many marketers are already finding ways to use Messenger Bots to increase customer service since it offers a quick solution to common questions.

In addition, bots can be programmed to perform tasks other than sending messages, posting status updates, and performing other typical Facebook functions. For example, some companies have found ways to use chat Bots as customer service representatives. The customer service representative can simply reply to posts made by members of the public and take messages on other topics too. This allows companies to expand their business in new directions by giving members of the public useful and valuable information.

Many marketers are also discovering how Messenger Bot works wonders when it comes to generating open rates for a company's apps. Open rates refer to the percentage of users who visit a given application but do not purchase anything. Since Messenger Bot is already a very popular application, many people expect it to have high open rates. However, when it comes to the main purpose of the chat application, it has actually been reported that few people actually go to the website for the main purpose of using the service. Therefore, the bot was designed to let people contact the owners of the applications they are already using to buy products or use the social media site to make their profiles more interesting.

Another way how a Facebook Chatbot can help an organization increase its customer base is by encouraging members to recommend the app to friends and acquaintances. Since the bot allows people to post useful messages, it is likely that people who have already downloaded the app will share the link with others. As a result, the number of people visiting the company's website will significantly increase. Overall, it is clear that a messenger chatbot can really help a business improve its online presence.