Questions To Ask When Choosing A Vacation Rental Agency In Dubai

Although managing your vacation rental can be rewarding and, in certain ways, economical, it's extremely time-consuming and requires a high level of attention in order for it to succeed.

This is where rental management companies in Dubai can provide an excellent alternative, or become another tool in your marketing program. Choosing the vacation rental management companies via can save you a whole lot of hassle and time.

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Most agencies will give an information package but it's always best to call and talk to them directly. The following are some questions you should ask:

Are they working legally?

Before you start searching for a lawyer to represent your property check if there are any laws regarding holiday rentals or agencies in your state.

What social media channels are they using?

Can they use YouTube to market their business (and of course your property); have they obtained a Facebook fan page; are they busy on Twitter; do they use a site to market new listings and last-minute rentals? Agencies must use a range of social networking networks if they are to market effectively.


When you contact agencies in Dubai, they might want to organize a viewing of your property. Even if you're inviting many companies to see, expect them all to take photos and carefully question you about the amenities and facilities available, and any constraints you might want to impose.

With growing competition, agencies in Dubai will need to provide top-class customer service to create decent feedback from tenants, and consequently create more potential tenants through word-of-mouth recommendations.