Quick Glance On Environmentally Friendly Straws Options

There is no doubt that plastic straws are damaging our surroundings. As one of the most common items in the oceans, plastic straws not only harm marine life, they can also harm other animals and even people who eat contaminated seafood. 

It's time to ban these dangerous single-use straws and find eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws. There are many options available. To get more information about the environmentally friendly straws visit https://bluemarche.com.

environmentally friendly straws

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Extensive research has been done to find alternatives to plastic straws. All variants are tested for their ability to be degraded or recycled. Here we have highlighted the pros of using different types of straws. It's time to choose the perfect organic straw.

Wheat straw

Wheat straw is made from 100% natural ingredients: it is made from wheat stalks. This material is usually treated as waste in agricultural production, so turning this "waste" into straw will save natural resources.

Wheat straw is a disposable straw that does not harm our environment. Throw away the used straws and the straws will disappear naturally after a few months. This type of straw is one of the best alternatives to plastic straws for restaurants as this sector cannot function without single-use products.

Bamboo straw

Bamboo stalks are an excellent substitute for a plastic straw. 100% durable plant material is very durable, has good antibacterial properties, does not bend and can be easily composted after consumption.