Reasons Why 2D Animation is Still Relevant

The importance of animation in business isn't an "in-thing" but was a fact! Animation blends emotions and ideas effortlessly to promote a company to its target audience. Be it for a DVD or a detailed animated movie, the animation is germane to businesses of different types.

However, what made animation ubiquitous over the 2 decades is 2D animation. As the name suggests, 2D animation explainer videos involve the creation of figures and their movements in a 2-dimensional artistic space. And even in the age of 3D, this traditional form of animation still reigns over the industry.

Know the "Why"

With the development in technology, 2D animated films aren't any more limited to the celluloid sheet. Today, 90% of the animations produced are computer-generated images. This process requires the perfect combination of technology and art to a high standard.

So, this particular kind of animation remains an integral part of many industries. The talented artists go beyond the norm to design and curate movements and emotions at the same time. The most important departments that make use of animation are:

  • Businesses, including e-commerce websites
  • Books
  • Entertainment
  • Education

The list can be long! The most important thing to remember is that innovative animations and videos in 2D aid to promote brands with a captivating and fun method.