Know About The Instructions on Gel Nail Application

Gel nails are a natural option for acrylic nails. They don't cause any damage. They dry quickly and lift less than acrylic nails. They can also be applied as a base coat to strengthen natural nails.

Many people are tempted to experiment with gel nails because of the increasing popularity they have enjoyed. These are the basics that will help you apply nail gels professionally and correctly.

1. First, remove any natural shine from your nails. After that, you can apply one coat of primer to your nails and allow them to dry completely.

2. Use the gel brush to apply gel to your nails. Brush a thin layer from your cuticle up to your nail tip. Applying polish should be done in a similar way. Ensure that your brush hairs do not come out when applying the gel. Applying too much pressure to the hairs can cause them to fall out, which should be avoided. If you want to buy the best nail art brushes, then you can browse the web.

nail art brush

3. After the gel has dried completely, you can put your hands in a UV lamp for up to three minutes.

4. Apply another coat of gel to your nails. Make sure you get a small drop of gel on each nail and then apply it slowly to the rest.

5. Dry the gel by putting your hands again under the UV light.

6. Repeat the process for the third time. Spread the gel again to achieve a uniform gel-like consistency. For drying, you can again place your hands under ultraviolet light.

7. After the gel has dried completely, shape your nails as you like.

Gel nail applications should not touch your skin. This will result in your nails lifting later. Do not apply gel too much as it can cause bubbles to form and uneven curing.