Do you want a sturdy, dense-looking plant that will fill large spaces? The Alocasia Regal Shield is another Alocasia. It is a hybrid between Alocasia reginula and Alocasia odora. It comes from Africa. The dense bush is formed by long stalks that support the huge leaves. 

The leaves are large in size and have a darker venation. Each leaf stands on a stalk-like, long stem. These plants can be grown in both gardens and open areas. They are also ideal for indoor plantation in offices, homes, and hallways. Are you still with us? We can help you learn more about how to care for the Regal Shield Elephant ear plant.

 alocasia regal shield

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Genus Alocasia

This genus includes about 70 species of perennial flowering plants. These plants are distinguished by their bold and distinctive foliage, as well as the underground rhizomatous roots. This genus is extensively cultivated, and many hybrids have been made to create a wide variety of plants.

Alocasia amazonica is the most prominent member of this genus. Gray Masks and Elephant Ear plants are common names for most Alocasias.

Structure and Height

At maturity, the plant can reach a height of 3 to 6 feet. You may see the plant reaching up to 9 feet in open spaces or outdoor plantations. These tall peeps, however, are rare.

The plant body is made up of many long, stalk-like stems that have leaves at the top. Through underground rhizomatous rooting, these stalks connect at the base.