What Is Paracord And What You Can Use It For?

Paracord has a long history dating back to World War II. Since then it has grown from purely military use to commercial and personal use. Surely you've heard of paracord before or seen a bracelet made from someone's paracord. 

To trace the origins of the paracord we need to travel to the battlefields during World War II. The US military introduced a new type of cable – parachute cables, as they were known at the time-to hang their parachutes. You can visit this website https://www.theparacordstore.com/ to buy the best paracord online.

Once in the field, paratroopers began to develop new uses for their parachute cords. The strong, thin strap has many functions, including attaching gear to harnesses, tying backpacks to vehicle carriers, attaching camouflage nets to trees and vehicles, and being used as a pacemaker to estimate distance traveled.

What can Paracord be used for?

Crafting: Paracord is widely used to make bracelets, belts, weapon slings, jewelry, belts, water bottle holders, and key chains. Some hobbyists even use it to make much larger creations such as chairs, sculptures, hammocks, steering wheel covers, and other large-scale works of art.

Survival: Paracord has earned a reputation as a valuable tool for camping and hiking. Like WWII American GIs, tourists often use paracord to attach gear to their broken shoelaces, backpacks, replace and build shelters. The internal thread can also be removed to make emergency survival tools such as fishing rods, fishing lures, traps, slings and twine.