Outdoor Heating – Wood Burning Stoves Come in A Variety of Sizes and Shapes

Wood burning stoves outdoors are a great way of heating your home. The options for outdoor stoves are limitless when you start looking for the right one. How do you choose the right stove for you? These are some questions you should ask to narrow down your options.

Outdoor stoves are boilers that heat hot water for heating your home. How is the hot water integrated into your heating system? To efficiently heat your heating system, the outdoor boiler blower fan should be set up.

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What size pieces of wood are you looking to use? Wood stoves may require you to cut and divide your wood into smaller pieces than other stoves. The range can vary from 2 to 4 feet. Logs can also be any size that fits through the door. 

Some woodstoves can burn green wood quickly, while others require dry, seasoned wood for proper combustion. Are you looking at an open boiler or a closed boiler? While open systems can be used in some situations, they don't work well in all others. 

Closed system boilers are best for places where the water needs to rise above the boiler's heat. Each type of system will have its own piping and pumping fixtures. To prevent equipment failure, you need to be able to identify which parts work best for each system.