Benefits Of Early-Stage Energy Simulation Modeling Services

According to the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS), there is a growing demand for high-performing buildings. This demand makes it imperative for key stakeholders to look at all sustainable methods and technologies that are available.

Whole-building energy modeling is a powerful tool for evaluating the building's performance. Because it simulates and assesses the potential energy performance of a building, whole-building energy simulation modeling services can be a powerful tool for project teams.

energy simulation services

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This allows them to make better design decisions and comply with local energy codes. It also makes it easier to meet requirements for building certification.

Substantial opportunity for increased use

It is important to apply energy modeling's results early in the design process. Building energy modeling is used in design for "20 percent" of commercial new construction projects.

This number indicates a huge opportunity to use energy modeling in future commercial new construction projects for 80 percent, as well as in other projects.

Benefits of energy simulation modeling services

What clear benefits can a team of project managers expect to see if they implement energy modeling at an early stage in the design process? There are many benefits to energy modeling early in the design process.

Because of better-informed design decisions, energy efficiency and certification goals can be achieved easily.

Comparing different components and systems allows you to find the ones that are most efficient and will meet your performance goals.

Pre-design energy modeling can help projects achieve up to 45 percent savings per project when compared to a baseline structure.