All About Correct Car Wash Method

When washing your car, it is important that everything is done the right way and in the right order to avoid any possible damage as well as make sure all areas are properly cleaned and nothing is overlooked. 

If you wash your own car regularly, you probably already have your own routine that works for you and your car's needs, and that's fine as long as the end result is satisfactory and, more importantly, nothing is interrupted during the routine. You can also check for the top car wash places via

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It's a good idea to review your car wash routine from time to time to see if there's anything you can change and improve to enhance the efficiency-boosting experience and increase or improve profitability.

First of all, before approaching your car, it makes sense to get all the products and equipment you need and ready to go. The hose and pressure washer must be connected to the water supply and stretched enough so that they are long enough to reach your car comfortably.

Lastly, before washing, you need to make sure that your car is in the right place. This could mean moving it from street to aisle, slightly higher than the curb to give extra space to work along the street if you don't have an aisle, or somewhere cool and shady when the sun is shining.