Herman Miller Ergonomic Chair Reviews

If you have been lucky enough to try a Herman Miller ergonomic chair, you will know that they are the ultimate in comfort and luxury and they are some of the best-selling task chairs of all time

The Herman Miller Aeron chair comes with a twelve-year warranty so you know it will provide comfort for at least that long, and possibly much longer. This is one of the classic ergonomic models and sports various adjustable features to provide all the support your body needs. If you want to purchase Herman Miller ergonomic chairs, then you can visit https://www.officelogixshop.com/collections/chairs.

It is available in different sizes. The A size is suitable for short people because it can be adjusted to a very low height. Size B suits most people and size C is the largest size that is suitable for bigger men.

If you spend a lot of hours at a desk or in front of the computer, it is well worth investing in a good quality desk chair.

New Herman Miller Chairs

The Aeron is one popular model but there are others. The Herman Miller Celle chair was launched in 2005 and this is so named because of its cellular suspension.

The seat and back are made up of loops and cells which flex individually to give you the best support possible. Different parts of the chair flex different amounts because some parts of the body need firm support and others do not so much.

Another great chair is the Herman Miller Equa 2 chair. The Equa 2 is adjustable and has built-in responsiveness. The back and seat flex separately so when you move the chair responds. There is an opening in the shell to let the air circulate and the Equa 2 offers increased back support and an adjustable lumbar kit.