Lawn Grub Control – How to Get Rid of Lawn Grubs

Are you having a problem with yard grubs? Lawn grub control could be somewhat tricky, but you may use simple methods to have them in check, which is what we'll be studying in this article. To get more information you can search on

Which Exactly Are Lawn Grubs?

Lawn grubs are actually the larvae of a variety of beetle species. They Could be Japanese Beetles, May and June Beetles, or even Asiatic Beatles. The issue isn't the adults, it is the critters. They effectively starve your lawn while they eat the nutrients found in marijuana roots.

In severe cases, you may even be able to pull infested patches straight off as all roots have been eaten.

Two ways of yard grub control are most effective. Both have their advantages so that I will leave this up to you to decide which path you'll like to choose.


The compound method is to find an insecticide that deals specifically with yard grubs. You should really be able to find this in any hardware store. Start looking for these chemicals on the label: diazinon, chlorpyrifos, and isofenphos because these seem to be effective when coping with lawn grubs. You only need one, perhaps not all.

Make sure you follow the guidelines very carefully. Some insecticides need one to water the compounds into the grass, while some simply need to sit down through the night.


If compounds are not something there's an alternative to using an insecticide. Still another product available actually adds another organism into a lawn called nematodes. Today you may have read some nematodes are bad for the lawn, and also this is true. However, there are 80,000 different identified species of nematodes (which is estimated that somewhere around 500,000 unique types actually exist!).

Countless species of nematodes may help your yard, and that is the case in the event of the ones that are employed in battling lawn grubs. They're very safe to use, and once they've done their job, often die off fairly fast.

Again, make certain to carefully observe the directions, as most yard care products possess their own procedures and instructions that produce their products work the best.