How Important is Building Backlinks to a Successful SEO Campaign?

The value of a good link cannot be overstated. It is very important that you incorporate linking strategies into your overall SEO campaign. But why is it so important? It all goes back to when Google first came up with its revolutionary idea for a search engine.

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How Important is Building Backlinks to a Successful SEO Campaign?

Image Source: Google

Google's idea was simple; they wanted to include the number of backlinks in their algorithm. According to Google, this was a great indicator of how useful the content of a site was. Obviously, the more people connected to a site, the more relevant and useful its content will be.

From day one, Google has placed high importance on backlinks. Over the years, their algorithm has changed, but the importance of backlinks is still one of the biggest factors in their ranking algorithm. Now, more than ever, it is important that backlinks are relevant to your site and landing page content.

Because Google places too much importance on backlinks, websites, and SEO have found ways to exploit this part of the algorithm. As a result, Google fights by devaluing some links or making other links more valuable than others.

If the search engines find a link for your articles from a trusted source, that article becomes assigned a high price and is consequently more likely to rank high for keywords located in the anchor text pointing straight back to the website or the content of the webpage.

The more plausible the website from which the backlink arises, the greater value that connects can pass to another site. As a site gains worth, it's also more likely to be viewed as an authority from the search engine's eyes.

Google is notorious for highlighting positions from manufacturer name and notoriety. Wikipedia is a prime example – which they rank on the initial page for possibly tens of millions of questions.

Various engines appreciate hyperlinks in various ways, but one thing is for sure, all of them play a part in boosting your search engine rankings and internet presence.