Tutoring Kids With Dyslexia: What You Need To Know In Charlotte

Private reading instruction can provide big benefits for kids with dyslexia. Look for a tutor who uses a multisensory structured language education (MSLE) program to teach reading. People who offer this type of class are often referred to as educational therapists or reading specialists.

Children with dyslexia are often given special reading instructions as part of their IEP. You can also join your children at the summer reading programs in Charlotte online.

This is very important to help them learn to read. But getting every child to read fluently at grade level may not be enough. A teacher outside of school can help.

What to look for in a teacher?

Children with dyslexia do best to learn to read with certain types of reading instruction. This type of learning is known as multisensory structured language learning (MSLE). There are several MSLE reading programs that teachers can use.

Most of these programs are based on an approach called Orton-Gillingham (OG). You can hear it as an MSLE or OG program.

If you are looking for a private reading tutor for your child, try looking for a teacher who uses MSLE or OG. Ideally, your teacher should use the same program your child's school uses or coordinate with the school. Teachers may be able to complete parts of the program that the school does not use or that do not have the time.