3 Tips for Rodent Control

One of the biggest pest management challenges any homeowner can face is that of rodents. Once established, rodents are notoriously difficult to eradicate due to the rapid breeding habits and ability to infiltrate anywhere and everywhere. Here are 3 tips to give you a head start on preventing and controlling rodents in the home by addressing food, warmth, shelter and breeding requirements.

image of a rodent

Image of a Rodent by Wallboat

Food Storage:

Ensuring human and pet food is stored properly is paramount in preventing rodents in and around your home. This is because you will eliminate their food source from inside your home. Considerations for storage options include airtight containers, bag clips, racks and shelves.

Rubbish Management:

Household waste creates food, warmth and shelter for rodents and creates the ideal nesting environment. Managing rubbish will significantly reduce the likelihood of rodents breeding. This includes ensuring BBQ areas are kept clean and tidy, including cleaning the inside. Additionally, disposing of any waste in bin bags or council bins will also be effective.

Garden Maintenance:

Keeping a tidy garden and disposing of excess foliage removes possible nesting options. Rodents that cannot create a nest cannot breed. As part of your garden maintenance strategy, consider plants that do not shed excess foliage and don’t attract insects or other rodent foods.

Food storage, rubbish management and garden maintenance are three key aspects of rodent control. When done properly, rodents can be controlled or even prevented by reducing or eliminating their food, shelter, warmth or breeding habits. Following these 3 tips will give you the best chances at managing any rodent problem.