Sewer Line Testing And Repairs

The waste problem is more than just an odor nuisance to businesses. Clogged or disconnected sewer pipes can disrupt operations and even affect the health and safety of building occupants and visitors.

State-of-the-art technology offers above-ground drain detection sensors that allow technicians to detect leaks underground or in concrete without digging. Inspecting pipelines with video cameras allows technicians to perform real-time visual inspections of sewer lines and other pipelines to properly diagnose pipeline problems.

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If a problem is found and repair is required, your plumber can use a variety of approaches to complete the repair.

Traditional method. Also known as an "open" or "dug" process which usually uses an excavator to open the ground to gain access to the pipe.

Trenchless repair method. Newer technology now allows water companies to access pipelines without shaking the ground or destroying concrete parking lots or alleys. This method causes less disruption to business and minimizes the environmental impact of repairs.

The pipe exploded. This method creates a small access hole at each end of the part that needs to be fixed. A hydraulic machine is pulling new pipes as they break old, damaged pipes. If the pipe breaks, the replacement material is usually stronger than the original pipe material and has a long service life.

Waste issues can seriously affect any business. However, skilled commercial plumbers using the latest technology can offer expert troubleshooting, maintenance, and quality repairs.