All About Shisha Accessories

Most people ask themselves the same question whether it has the same effect as a regular cigarette. It is very popular in most Arab countries and they have a unique version of the tobacco water pipe called shisha or shisha. It has become part of their old tradition. 

A skewer or hookah is an ornate tall pipe filled with colored and flavored water. Tobacco is laid on top, wrapped in a thin film. You can also look for the Hookah accessories through various online sites.

Funnel Bowl

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It is usually controlled by filtering the water and indirectly heating the tobacco. It has gained great popularity in most of the Arab countries. can be inhaled with various types of fruit and of course tobacco and here you will find various flavors such as strawberry, coconut, apple, peach, mango, and others.

There is a common myth that shisha is less harmful than smoking. You should not believe this because there are many studies on this subject and it turns out to be more harmful than cigarettes. 

Shishas produce more smoke than regular cigarettes and take a long time to finish. When you smoke a hookah, you inhale toxic gases, harmful compounds, and some heavy metals and can cause lung or heart problems. 

Water is used to absorb the nicotine, but it doesn't filter out the smoke at all. The effect of pipe smoking on saliva is more harmful than cigarettes. It has been observed that it can cause serious health problems that are no less dangerous than cigarettes.