Essential Guide to Japanese Citrus

Japan has more than 25 kinds of citrus. Although many citrus varieties are consumed raw, it is an ingredient used in many savory and sweet dishes within Japan. Two of the most famous examples are Ramune the most well-known lemon-flavored fizzy drink, as well as the ponzu, which is an iconic Japanese lemon sauce. You can buy the best Japanese umeshu from


The majority of citrus originate from a handful of ancestral species. The most well-known of which are Mandarin, Citron, Pomelo as well as Citron, Pomelo and Australian as well as the Papuan wild Limes.


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Genetic crossbreeding, time, as well as geographical spread, have contributed to the wide array of varieties of citrus we can see in the present. Citrus fruits are believed for their flavonoids as well as Vitamin C. They are extremely popular all year round, with both Summer and Winter varieties.


Mikan is one of the sought-after fruit that is grown in Japan and is a popular solution to treat natsubate. It is a hybrid of the mandarin and the pomelo that is native to Japan that has more pomelo genetics (about 22 percent) than other hybrids.

It's sweet, seedless, and is easy to peel. It's also known as Cold Hardy Mandarin, Satsuma Mandarin, Satsuma Orange, and Tangerine (a broad term that refers to many hybrids of Mandarin and Pomelo) and in English.