How to Get Weed Smell Out of Rental Car

Today we will cover the different ways you can get weed smell out of a rental car. The question is how much risk are you willing to take and how much you want to spend to correct the issue.

The problem with weed or cigarette smoke in cars is the smoke smell saturates everything. It gets into the AC and heating ductwork, headliner, and any other fabric or surface it can attach itself to.

There are two effective ways to remove the smoke odors in a car, but many things will mask it for a limited time. 

One is an ozone generator. 

An hour or two of high powered shock treatment with ozone will get rid of the weed smell forever. Some auto-detailing shops offer this treatment, and it will cost about as much as a machine. But it's over and settles the issue forever in as little as a couple of hours.

Ozone is a very reactive gas, and it breaks down all organic matter. It actually changes the chemical makeup of the substance emitting the foul odors. It works 100% if completed correctly. This is how used car dealers now make used cars that were owned by people who smoked, smoke odor-free.

If it's not done correctly, it may take 2 or 3 different treatments. Your AC system must be running while this happens to make sure the ozone saturates these airways.


The second option is an ionizer, which is basically a lighter version of an ozone generator. Ionizers produce negative ions, which cleans the air and breaks down organic matter. It just takes a lot longer to attain the desired results.

You know that fresh air smell we all love that comes before, during, and after a thunderstorm? That's negative ions at work cleaning the air of pollutants. It's nature's air cleaner.

UV Light

UV light systems are too complicated and limited to clean a car, and can't get into the ductwork. Not helpful.

Air Fresheners

I remember my older cousin getting caught again by my aunt for smoking weed in the house and attempting to cover the smell with some glade air-freshener. She sternly stated that all he accomplished is making her home smell like a putrid mix of glade and weed.

Let me let you in on a little secret, if you use Febreze, you'll just make your rental car smell like a putrid mix of glade and weed.

If you have limited time, you can open all of the windows and take an hour's ride and flood the car with fresh air while running the Heat/AC. There are many detailed guides on how to do this. 

There is a pretty decent guide on how to get weed smell out of cars on Urban Aroma, and other sites like it have similar posts. Just do a quick search if you need more details. There are videos from professionals on how to do this on Youtube and some detailed written posts that can guide you through the issues involved in the process.