Why Manufacturers Choose Wooden Pallets

Import and export of products from one place to another is commonplace for all companies, big or small. Therefore, companies are looking for ways to transport their products safely and without damage, and the safety of their products often depends on the type of pallet used.

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Pallets make it more efficient for carriers to move large and heavy objects. There are several different materials that pallets can make, such as plastic, metal, cardboard, and wood. Most companies prefer wooden pallets – why?

The use of wooden pallets brings a number of advantages for business owners. Perhaps the main reason is price. Wooden pallets are usually the most cost-effective solution compared to other types of pallets. This allows companies to minimize the cost of their product, especially when shipping to locations where pallet recovery options are limited.

Besides being cheap, wooden pallets have been proven to be durable and capable of carrying loads that are much heavier than other materials. Because of this durability, transporting and handling heavy products is the preferred material for most industries.

In addition, wooden pallets are easy to reach. A common misconception is that trees are harvested and cut down to make wooden pallets. Most of the wood used in pallets comes from trees that have been felled for the housing and construction industries, premium lumber is cut from lumber, and other low-quality pieces are sold and used to make pallets.