The Home Eye Test is for Adults and Children

It is possible to conduct some basic tests of your vision as well as that of family members and your friends at your home. The tests at home are not an alternative to a full medical eye exam by an optometrist. 

Test your vision at home won't be more accurate than what an ophthalmologist can provide. However, eye tests at home can aid in identifying an issue that requires professional examination.

You can also buy a vision screening machine online for your home eye test.

At-Home DIY Eye Vision Test

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What Do You Need to Test your Vision at home?

  • Something to protect the eyes: A cup of paper or facial tissues.
  • Scissors.
  • Tape or tack this test sheet on your wall.
  • A pen or pencil to keep track of the outcomes.
  • An inch, tape measure, or ruler.
  • A flashlight, if it is available.
  • A room that is well-lit should be a minimum of 10 feet in length.
  • The most accurate test chart.

Make the Test Area

  • Select the test chart for the child or adult on the diagram and print it.
  • Take a measurement of 10 feet from a wall that has no windows. Then, place an armchair at this spot.
  • The chart can be taped or pinned to the wall in a level position with the eyes of the person you are testing while seated on the seat.

Home Vision Test Results

Write down the outcomes of the home-based screening by writing down the number of the line that is the smallest the person is able to read on each of the lines below. If the results suggest that your child or you should see an optometrist, Take the results you recorded along with you.