Things You’ll Need For Your Next Paintball Game

Personal protective equipment is something that cannot be ignored. Paintball shirts and masks are made for protection. Never play without a mask. Even if they look like they came out of a sci-fi movie, they should be considered a top priority. Especially, when playing paintball with kids

How to Play Paintball: A Guide for Beginners

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Long sleeves are recommended. Whether you're playing with brush and thorns on the field or just protecting your hands, at some point long sleeves will be appreciated. Some even have padded sleeves. 

Padding for shoulders, arms, chest and elbows is available as an option. There is nothing better waiting for the opposing team than waiting comfortably. Another handy feature is finding airless devices. Vented means the material has small holes in it so the body can breathe and stay cool.

Even in warm weather, the players wear gloves. Some prefer to tuck their sleeves into their gloves; others like the arms on the outside. Consider finding jerseys with sleeves that are made with sleeves. The smaller wrist design makes it easier to hold behind the glove and less likely to hang on the arm. 

Paintball shirts have come a long way to being lighter, but they still offer great protection. If possible, try on a t-shirt first to see how much it weighs. This will also help determine if it's too big or doesn't fit.