Understand What Is A Wall Calendar?

A wall calendar is a type of calendar that you hang in your home or office. Most often, you’ll see wall calendars designed like a grid with blank spaces for each day to be filled in or crossed off.

They may have special pages for holidays and birthdays or spaces you can use as an agenda to plan your tasks. 

Where Should You Hang Your Wall Calendar?

There are several places you could put your wall personalised calendar. The best spot for you will depend on how you’re using it.

If you want to keep track of dates related to work or school projects, consider putting your calendar in an office or study. If you want the whole family to be able to reference it, consider a common area, like the kitchen.

You can move these items easily, so you can always change your mind if you can’t settle on the perfect home for your calendar.

Types of Wall Calendars

Paper Wall Calendar

Did you know that putting pen to paper increases comprehension? If you struggle to wrap your head around everything you have going on, try a classic wall calendar with a modern design to stay on track this year. 

Chalkboard or Whiteboard Wall Calendar

How do you plan your day or your week when schedules always seem to change? Use a chalkboard or whiteboard calendar to make notes of your tasks, and move appointments around as necessary.

Digital Wall Calendar

Have all of the benefits of a wall calendar, no matter where you are. A digital calendar allows you to see your schedule and organize appointments across multiple devices. Most services will also allow you to customize with your choice of colors and layouts.