Why Is Android App Development a Good Career Option?

So you look forward to being an Android application developer and wondering why it's a good career choice? According to a recent work survey, there is a 40 percent increase in job openings for Android developers. Because of the increasing demand for Android developers, an IT training institute throughout the city introduced a special curriculum and class for Android application development courses. One of these institutes can be your educational temple if you look forward to a promising career in the development of Android applications.

Android is one of the most widely used operating systems on tablets and smart phones today. Because this increase is in its use and high sales of Android-based cellular devices, Android application developer demand also rises. You can check out android app services via online resources.

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The main reason for this, is an amazing feature, application, and games provided for users on the Android platform. So, if you like all the applications and games on your mobile and wonder how it works, then this can be a cool career choice for you.

Let's look at some statistics that you can help better with your decision:

Android was born between 2005-2006 and later formed in 2007 by Google and since it grows at a faster speed. At present, every other cellphone runs on the Android platform. Every 6 of the 10 cellular devices found as an Android-based device. At present, Android accommodates 49% of the total market share that shows that there are around 180 million Android smartphones on the market.