Going Wine Tasting: Tips on Visiting Brisbane Wineries and Vineyards

A wine tasting experience is a wonderful thing to share with families and friends. In particular, during summer, you can bring guests from out of town to experience Brisbane beauty. It's much better than going on a trip to the local mall. You can also find Ocean View Estates gift shop to buy wine.

Here are some points to be aware of when you visit:

Costs for tasting: Many places will charge a tasting fee. The price varies from location to place, but generally, it's $5 per individual. A tasting is composed of six to smaller portions of wine. A complimentary glass could be provided when you taste. 

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Bring food to the table: Brisbane wineries also offer meals. Some will provide cheese plate crackers or snacks for an additional cost. Bring your lunch or other heavy snacks. It's a long day of enjoying wine without having anything to consume. The majority of places have indoor or outdoor dining areas to relax and enjoy the views.

For a tour, ask for scheduled tours of the facilities as well as the vineyard are offered. Larger vineyards will have scheduled tours available and call ahead for the dates. Many wineries are family-owned run enterprises. 

Live entertainment: During the summer months, many wineries have bands or entertainers on Fridays or Saturdays. The websites of their wineries include the schedules for entertainment. 

Visiting vineyards is a fun activity. Bring your family to enjoy an outdoor picnic lunch. The children love running through the fields.