Rodent Pest Control In Poultry Units

Chicken keepers can have a lot of trouble keeping rodent pests at bay. You will soon encounter rats and mice. They will eat food you have prepared for them, and it can also be harmful to your health. Poultry units are a great place for rats to live as they provide food and shelter.

You should make mice & rat control a priority for poultry units. It is important to raise the poultry unit 12 inches off the ground to make it rodent-proof.

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Clear the space underneath from any clutter. You must keep all food in sealed containers. Also, make sure to keep your compost heap out of the unit. This will provide food and shelter to rats.

There are some simple steps you can take to ensure that you don't accidentally kill the rats. Follow the instructions on the label.

Although some baits are only licensed for indoor use because they are extremely toxic, it does not necessarily mean that they are only toxic to rats. Pest control rodenticides will kill all animals that eat them, including cats and dogs.

Trapping is safer, but you need to make sure that rats cannot get into the trap. Pest control is complicated. For help, call a pest control expert if you're not sure.