A Comprehensive List Of Blockchain Platforms

In a world where we have to trust people and institutions to protect our finances and deliver the food we eat, blockchain technology is revolutionary. Blockchain technology is based on a distributed ledger that is transparent and immutable. 

It was originally developed to track digital currencies like Bitcoin, among others. But today it has grown to facilitate secure online business transactions by eliminating the need for a centralized third party. You can get more information about blockchain trading companies like RAMP DEFI.

Below we list the best blockchain platforms:


Aion is a third-generation blockchain network that enables organizations to integrate, scale, and talk.

Consensus: Pledge of proof of intelligence

Languages: Aion, Solidity

Website: a.network


Developed with open standards, ArcBlock is a platform and ecosystem for building and deploying decentralized blockchain applications.

Consensus: based on Algorand

Language: –

Ardor is a blockchain-as-a-service platform that evolved from the Nxt blockchain.

Consensus: proof of deposit

Javanese language


Cardano, the first blockchain platform to evolve from a scientific philosophy and research-based approach, was built by a global team of leading scientists and engineers.

Consensus: proof of deposit

Language: Pluto


Corda, developed by R3, is an open-source blockchain platform for recording, managing, and synchronizing agreements and value transfers. It allows you to build an interoperable blockchain network that performs transactions directly and in strict secrecy.