New Advanced Features of Gum Removal Machine

The bunch of rubber glued to the surface is undoubtedly a disgusting sight. Many people don't think about where to remove the gums. As a result, even more, annoying chewing gum can now be found everywhere from restaurants, malls, schools, theaters, shops, and hospitals.

Melt the gum using a suitable utensil

The high-quality chewing gum removal equipment offered by leading vendors ensures excellent results in removing gums without spending too much time or effort getting the job done.

New Advanced Features of Gum Removal Machine

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Extraordinary properties for extraordinary cleansing

The best chewing gum cleaning machines are in a different class from the traditional ones in that they have several innovative features and technologies. Here are some of the main features to watch out for:

Steam cleaners intended for use as a rubber release device emit superheated dry steam from the steam at very high temperatures. These commercially available steam cleaners release steam at temperatures up to 369ºF, making tires instantly soft and easier to remove.

It is very difficult to remove rubber from a concrete surface. For this reason, it is best to choose a steam cleaner with a high-pressure rating of up to 125 psi.

If your chewing gum remover has a vacuum extraction option, this is a better choice than traditional steam cleaners that don't have a vacuum extraction feature. The extraction capability helps remove residual sap and moisture, drastically reducing cleaning requirements and increasing productivity.

To improve the cleaning performance of the rubber erasing machine, you must first spray the dirt with a rubber softener solution. Leading suppliers now offer biodegradable and environmentally friendly chemicals with strong rubber cleaning capabilities.