Auto Body Shops And Aluminum Repair

Despite all the hype from automakers over upcoming automobiles constructed of carbon fiber structures and components, there is one material that has been used for decades in vehicles and automobiles, and that's aluminum. 

Similar to the components made of composite today, aluminum was originally employed in hoods, bumpers, rebars, intake manifolds as well as other smaller engine components. You can get the services of component repair through

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Efficiency in fuel consumption was not the most important factor in the past however, it was the savings in weight of around 50 % and heat transfer capabilities of aluminum, as well as its availability, proved it to be a desirable material for automakers to use.

A few decades later and we'll see that automotive aluminum usage is far more intense. Recycled aluminum is employed in many automotive components, as well as aluminum alloys utilized in structures and subframes for vehicles. Additionally, Ferrari has made public its dedication to using aluminum in its structural element instead of carbon fiber which Lamborghini and BMW are adopting in large quantities. Particularly, Mercedes' newly-released SL incorporates significant use of aluminum as well which makes it more durable and lighter than the previous version. Aside from that, Mercedes is releasing a lighter E-Class that is built with carbon fiber as its structure.

Automobiles with a significant amount of aluminum pose an issue to the collision repair shop since aluminum behaves differently after being stretched and heated or welded. In addition, since load-bearing and high-strength parts of aluminum are heated, collision repair facilities must ensure that they're up to the job of repairing these vehicles.