How Does Invisalign Treatment Work?

The Invisalign treatment procedure starts with the specialist taking x-rays and prints of your teeth. One of Invisalign's advantages is that it is largely computerized. Impressions are taken and used to create three-dimensional images of your teeth.

These images will help your orthodontist create a treatment plan that shows how long the Invisalign surgery  plan should last. 

How Does Invisalign Treatment Work?

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You can see how your teeth are moving at each stage of the treatment plan, and at each examination, your doctor will compare your actual progress with the plan and adjust the treatment if necessary.

The aligners used in the processing are made of smooth and comfortable plastic. These plastic aligners do not have protruding metal like on a traditional stand. You can also remove them when you need to eat something or brush your teeth.

Over time, your teeth will gradually align as fast as you put on your braces. Best of all, these plastic straighteners are discreet, making you feel more comfortable wearing them when you smile and talk.

When your gear moves to the last position, you'll need to sign up for a new kit. This will require regular check-ups with your Invisalign Care orthodontist to review your progress. Usually, this test is done every 4-6 weeks. Invisalign is a fast and effective way to get the perfect smile you want. Contact your orthodontist for more information on how to get started!