The Different Types of Barbecue Smokers

There are many types of BBQ smokers. Some of them are:

1. Big green egg: This is an insulated vertical smoker. The large models start at around $600-$700.

2. Traeger pellet smokers: This is a great BBQ smoker that uses wood pellets. The Lil'tex costs $695. However, the digital controls and large hopper cost a little more. If you want to buy pellet smokers, then you can visit this source.

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3. Char-broil silver smoker: This is a smaller, more affordable offset smoker. These smokers are available at home depot for $159

4. Stumps smoker: This is an insulated vertical smoker that uses a gravity-fed charcoal system. They cost around $1600.

There are many other types of vertical smokers: traditional offset smokers with the smoke stack facing the firebox, Lang offset smokers, and pellet smokers.

You will need to work hard to maintain a traditional offset barbecue smoker. Many people prefer an offset smoker to one that uses charcoal, pellets, propane. Most offset smokers require you to check the fire every 15-30 minutes. One bag of charcoal will not be enough for the big green egg or stumps smokers. 

Traeger also offers larger models, including commercial BBQ smokers.

After you have decided on the right BBQ smoker, then understand how to use it.