Common Causes of Heel Pain

Here is a list that will help you understand the most common causes of heel pain.

-Plantar Fasciitis

This is a condition in which the bottom of your foot becomes inflamed. It can be caused by high arches, obesity, diabetes, low blood pressure, poor running habits, Achilles tendon problems, or excessive running. 

Temporarily, NSAIDS drugs can be used to reduce pain. You can also consult the best podiatrist for the treatment of heel ache in Baltimore.

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-Achilles Tendinitis

This is when the tendon connecting the calf muscle and the heels of a person gets inflamed. This is caused by poor shock absorption or inadequate stability of shoes, sudden outward or inner turning of the heel before it touches the ground, frequent running or walking on concrete, and a lack of flexibility or tightness in the calf muscles. 

Doctors recommend that patients purchase comfortable shoes that offer adequate cushioning and arch support. They also advise them to warm up and cool down after any strenuous exercise.

-Calcaneal spur

This is a condition in which bony tissue forms on the calcaneus bone (the heel) of a person. Extreme pressure is often experienced by the sinew in the soles. Warm-ups are recommended for patients who suffer from heel pain. 

Jogging is a good form of exercise that you can do daily.


It is when the cartilage or bone of a joint becomes inflamed. It can be caused by growth problems or repeated injuries. This condition causes stiffness, joint pain, locking of the joints, which can limit their movement. 

Although there is no cure, doctors often resort to arthroscopic surgery when removing the cartilage and bone tissue from the joints.