What Are The Tasks Of A Physical Therapist?

Physical therapists assist their patients by helping to relieve pain, improve mobility, and prevent permanent physical damage that can lead to injury.

Physical therapy patients can be people with severe back pain, fractures, shoulder pain, heart disease, arthritis, and head injuries, to name a few. You can also search the web to find the best physiotherapist in Owings Mills MD.

Sometimes the work of a physical therapist can be physically demanding, as it may be necessary to move patients and help them make certain body movements during therapy.

Apart from helping the patient move, physiotherapy therapists sometimes have to move heavy equipment.

The physical therapist will have access to the patient's medical history and will examine it to test the patient's muscle strength and performance, range of motion, balance, posture, etc.

To treat patients, physical therapists can ask their patients to exercise for them, especially those who have problems with certain body movements that most healthy people usually take for granted.

The physical therapist will do their best to get the patient back to the full range of motion and increase flexibility as much as possible. Patients need this normal range of motion to engage in daily life at home or work. Physiotherapy aims to achieve this.

Physical therapy involves teaching patients how to stay healthy and strong when they return home to make a full recovery. Exercise can be part of the plan. They can teach patients how to use crutches, wheelchairs, and other things.

Physical therapy involves many follow-up visits to their patients. When patients are discharged, they will need to see their physical therapist from time to time to review their progress.